Synergy and Togetherness: Sixth Habit in Perspective

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Synergy and Togetherness: Sixth Habit in Perspective

Kindergarten is a gateway for young kids about to embark on a new academic journey. It is no easy thing, facing this monumental threshold. A comforting idea might be the fact that they will not undertake this road alone. They will do so together.

It is for this very reason that we sat down with Kamila David, a kindergarten student with one of those heartwarming smiles that encapsulates the innocence and spark of childhood.

“My best friend is Jack.” As interviews go, this one starting line is high on the list of most memorable answers. Especially when you consider at this point, Kamila has not been asked anything. She simply felt this was an important fact to get out in the open.

Once we got that very important clarification out of the way, we invited her to tell us about synergizing and teamwork: “I like working together. When we play together we do fun things.”

This might be a good place to remind readers that, when dealing with very young children, you cannot expect them to offer complex answers, but you can instead glean from the simplicity a deeper understanding. Kamila understands teamwork by virtue of enjoying working together with her friends. This, in and of itself, is a very strong foundation for a more robust application of this habit in later life.

“My favorite part of working together with my friends is being together because playing together is more fun.”

Covey’s sixth habit – Synergize – is about bringing everything to bear in order to work toward a common goal. The world is not about one, but about the whole. In CIS, we are acutely aware of how important this habit will become as students grow up, which is why we take great pride in watching them readily accept the concept.

As for Kamila, with that heartwarming smile, we have no doubt she will go on to become the kind of person who always embraces teamwork. For her, the concept of togetherness is vital, even if she does not verbalize it like that quite yet. Then again, maybe the way she does verbalize it is the right one, and we as adults stand to learn from her.

“Camila, what is the best part about working together with your friends?”

“That we’re together. And we play the cat game. And we make animal noises together and have fun.”

We could not have said it better ourselves, Kamila.

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