What’s Your Favorite Habit? Part 2: High School

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What’s Your Favorite Habit? Part 2: High School

The school year is quickly drawing to a close, so we decided to sit down with some high school students and ask them about their favorite habits.

Teenagers never fail to surprise.


 Favorite habit: Think win-win. “Because I feel everyone deserves a chance to come out winning.


Favorite habit: Put first things first. “Even though it’s the hardest for me, because it consists of being organized and knowing what to do.


Favorite habit: Sharpen the saw. “Everyone needs to relax when things get difficult, and knowing how to keep all the other habits at their best helps.


Favorite habit: Begin with the end in mind. “It keeps me organized, and helps me assign priorities.


Favorite habit: Be proactive. “You shouldn’t waste your time doing stuff that won’t help you in your future, and it’s also important to stop and think before you act.


Favorite habit: Think win-win. “I like it that when there’s a problem, there’s a way for both persons to be winners.”

Covey’s 7 Habits system doesn’t only help the younger children. Older students can also learn to create these habits. Their interpretations may sometimes feel off the mark, but in fact they reflect a process of internalization – which is how they make this information a part of their core beliefs, through a slow and gradual personalization of the concepts.

In Coronado International School, we believe in forging the kind of students that will venture into the future as well-rounded and prepared individuals, ready to face whatever the world may throw in their direction.

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