What’s Your Favorite Habit? Part 2: High School

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What’s Your Favorite Habit? Part 2: High School

This time around, we decided to ask some of our high school students what their favorite habits are and why. These are their answers.


Synergy and Togetherness: Sixth Habit in Perspective

We sat down with preschooler Kamila Davis to talk a bit about synergy and teamwork.

Seek First to Understand

To Understand First is About Respect: The Fifth Habit in Perspective

Sofia Arias used to be reactive, but learning to first understand others before trying to be understood has changed her outlook and her relationships with others.

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What’s Your Favorite Habit? Part 1: Fourth Grade

What if we ask our own students what their favorite habits are and why? Fourth Grade, you’re up!

CIS Synergy

Synergy: Going Far, Together

For Nathalie Vallarino, synergy is about teamwork, because joint efforts will always be more productive than tasks carried out by yourself.

Understand First

To Teach, You First Need to Understand: The Fifth Habit in Perspective

Roberto Castro teaches Physical Ed at Coronado International School. By the very nature of his subject matter, discipline is no doubt very important – both as a matter of class course and as something he may wish to teach his students. How? By understanding first before trying to be understood.

CIS Emotional bank account

Managing Your Emotional Bank Account

There is a metaphor Stephen Covey liked to use in his work comparing the amount of trust that each type of relationship needs to have to a bank account. This emotional bank account, as he called it, also functions with deposits and withdrawals, as each interaction carries a certain emotional value which can add or detract from our perception in terms of whomever we engage with.

CIS Healthy eating tips

5 Tips to Help Teach Kids Some Healthy Eating Habits

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a complicated task. Here are some tips to help ease your child into the habit of eating better.

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Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet

Access to the web can be a wonderful thing — a tool for discovery and a gateway to wonders. However, when it comes to allowing our children to roam the internet, a few tips can be useful to avoid unfortunate events.

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Sharpen the Saw: The 7th Habit

Sharpening the Saw is all about continual improvement, which is Covey’s third and last pillar in the 7 Habits system. It speaks to constant renovation in all areas of our life, such as physical, socioemotional, mental, and spiritual.