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Hello! My name is Karina Lymbéropulos and I am more than delighted to guide you throughout the Admissions process.

Choosing the school for our children is not an easy task. We, as parents, understand the inquiries and needs every parent has with regards to the education and wellbeing of their most important asset: their children. We look forward to helping you with such an important decision and will explain to you why Coronado International School is the best option for families that are seeking an integral education with an international curriculum. An education that may enable their children to respond and adapt to changing world demands and to contribute to the positive improvement of our society with a global view.

Coronado International School is a school with a deep sense of community.  Our students come from a diverse mix of racial, cultural and financial backgrounds, and from both public and private schools.  For these reasons, we promote respect to others´ religious views and beliefs, ensuring harmony and tolerance within the school and therefore within the students´ life in whatever path they choose in their future as citizens of the world.

Our proposal includes a safe learning environment, near nature and based on solid moral standards, also with the highest academic standards, respecting and teaching the culture and traditions of Panama, being the country that is giving us shelter.

Our Admissions Department is committed to ease the transition of your children, making parents and children feel part of our educational community and the CIS family.  Please feel free to request an appointment to visit the school and inquire for more information about the Admissions process and the requirements in order to apply.

Warmest regards,

For more detailed information about our academic program, including visiting the location of our school, we encourage you to call our Admissions Office (507) 240-4469/ 240-4855 or via WhatsApp (507) 6267-6238.  You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail at for any questions you may have.
We also invite you to visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section where you will find answers to many questions relating to all aspects of the school.

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