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Who we are

CIS currently teaches from nursery (2 years old) up to 12th grade.

We teach Language Arts, Science, Arts & Crafts, Mathematics, Health, Leadership and PE in English. Because we are a Panamanian Private School, ruled by MEDUCA (Ministry of Education), it is mandatory to teach Spanish and Social Studies in the national language.

All our books are chosen to cover Panamanian and International Standards.

CIS offers an International Blended Program for High School. We follow Calvert Education Program and all our students receive a U.S diploma when graduating from 12th grade.

We are an Internationally-minded school. We base our programs and beliefs in the Learner´s Profile. We are not an IB school. We are working with some aspects of their proposal. We are looking forward to applying for certification in the future when the time comes and we are ready for it. Having said that, we are explaining what being an internationally-minded school means, which makes us Who We Are in the Panamanian Educational Territory. Coronado International School follows all the guidelines established by the educational authorities in the country until 9th grade.

International School

Institutions with a variety of student nationalities; this is not the intention of our school. We embrace students from all nationalities.

Internationally-Minded School

Institutions with an international perspective who are concerned with changing the world views and creating a better world through their curriculum, not just providing accurate facts about this planet and its inhabitants.

Skills needed to be a successful global citizen

  • Getting hold of accurate information
  • Negotiating
  • Understanding others’ priorities
  • Understanding different cultural groups’ mindsets
  • Studying issues of global concern
  • Distinguishing between truth, lies, and propaganda

What International Mindedness is NOT

  • Teaching groups of students with different nationalities
  • Studying history, geography, & customs of other countries- the five F’s: flags, folklore, food, festivals, and fashion
  • Arranging foreign exchange programs
  • Having a strong modern languages department
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