I enrolled at Coronado International School at age 11. Because I transferred from a small school with the Panamanian schedule, I began halfway through the year participating as a listener with the 7th graders. I should’ve started with the 6th graders to be familiarized with my future classmates but the school was so small back then, 6th grade didn’t even exist. After 6 months of building friendships with my classmates, I was forced to start over when the new year began and the new students who were supposed to start 7th grade with me came along. This was difficult for me at the time because I used to be a very shy person, but looking back that experience forced me to come out of my shell. Little did I know I would have to go through the same experiences almost every year with friends leaving because of their parents’ work and new classmates coming in. This and other experiences at CIS helped me find my voice; throughout my high school years, I continued to use it to achieve my goals as well as to achieve the common good for me and my classmates. As part of the second generation of graduates, I feel like I’ve got to grow along with the school, we both have come a long way, and there is still room for improvement for the both of us.
I have now graduated high school with a U.S. diploma and I’m ready to start my next chapter at the Savannah College of Arts and Design in September where i’ll pursue my dreams of having a career in the Film industry.