Our promise to the families that trust in us for the education of their children is to provide them with an excellent educational service that develops both academic and personal competencies that are key to grow, succeed and be happy in our ever-changing 21st Century world.

School year 2020-2021 CIS GOES VIRTUAL

 Our school uses secure digital platforms that have allowed us to make the transition to the online teaching process efficiently.

For  the 2020-2021 School year,  Coronado International School is ready to begin via online classes from PK4 to 12th grade with the intention of migrating to on-site classes when possible. We will have a flexible educational offer and we will provide all the online resources and teachers’ support needed for those families who need to continue their education from home.

The pedagogical interaction will be divided into two fundamental parts; the synchronous one that is the component of student interaction and teacher or facilitator in real time through a video conference and the asynchronous one that is the interaction of the student and the teacher in a deferred way through the interactive lessons, assignments, self-evaluations and evaluations.

For synchronous pedagogical interaction we will use Google Meet in sessions that students will access with their email accounts provided by the school. All of our students have access to Google G-Suite through their school emails. In addition to this, both students and parents have access to their educational platform (SEDUCA) through which they can have communication with school staff, have access to their plans and study material.

Our academic programs for English, Spanish, Social Studies, Science, and Math are backed up by strong interactive platforms that support the students’ learning process. For asynchronous pedagogical interaction we will continue to use Seduca as the central platform and we will complement it with ThinkCentral, GoMath, Journeys, Science Fusion and Santillana for activities and interactive classes.

Inclusive Education

We are an inclusive school and provide the support required for students with special educational needs. Our teachers and psycho-pedagogical department have experience with curricular accommodations and modifications.

Our psycho-pedagogical department follows up on the well being and learning process  of our students and will work together hand in hand with teachers and families.

Spanish and English as Additional Languages

We receive students from different parts of the world whose mother languages may be diverse. Most of our curriculum is taught in English, however, we also teach subjects in Spanish.

We strive for our students to be competent and develop communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in both languages. In order to achieve this, we support students who are learning Spanish or English as an additional language through special programs to help them develop comprehension and fluency in those languages.

Special Educational Needs Students 

The school has an inclusion program with approximately 10% of the spots per classroom for students with Special Educational Needs.

CIS establishes a written commitment with the parents or guardians of students with Special Educational Needs, which needs to be followed strictly in order to ensure the students’ integral well being.

The school receives regular advice from the Ministry of Education on issues related to Special Education in accordance with Decree No. 1 of February 4, 2000.

Coronado International School will do everything necessary to offer quality education with respect to the diversity of people and their different learning styles. Our inclusion program covers partial and total inclusion modalities.

Added benefits for our students and families

CIS families have the benefit of using the facilities of the Coronado Luxury Club & Suites. These facilities include a tennis court, pool, restaurants, gym, spa and The Beach Club.


Students are covered by an accidental insurance policy by OPTIMA for incidents that may occur within school premises and/or during school activities off of school grounds.